Popular foods of Islamabad

I have been living in Islamabad for more than 30 years

In this post I tell you the favourite dishes of Islamabad that most people like in Islamabad.

Potato Chips:

Potato Chips is very much liked in Islamabad. There are many stalls of Chips makers in every shopping area in Islamabad.

Student Biryani:

Islamabad is also ideal for students. In my sector there are many shops offering students Biryani and Palao. They are very delicious in taste.

Chicken Karayi:

Chicken Karayi is also famous in Islamabad. Almost all big hotels in Islamabad have this recipe in their menu.


Pizza is also liked by Islamabad people. The famous Pizza shop is Tehzeeb Baker’s.


Burgers are so tasty for all kinds of people in Islamabad. Most people go to McDonalds and KFC especially for eating burgers.


Tea is consumed very much in Islamabad. People take Tea after doing breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Other popular dishes of Islamabad are:

  • Fish
  • Beaf and matton Karayi
  • Chappal Kabab
  • Anda Kari
  • Alu Keema
  • Chicken Saji
  • Kawa
  • Alu Paratha
  • Anda fry and Anda Amlait
  • Daal Mash
  • Chicken Tikka

If you come to Islamabad then do eat these dishes and enjoy your stay in Islamabad.

Have a good day.


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