It’s Sad Day

Good morning

Two days earlier my older sister died.

It was a very sad moment for our family. We were living a happy life. The sister was very nice with the family. She cares about everyone in the family.

She was also cuter than everyone in the family. We also named her with a different name that was very nice.

I often bring her some chips and other food items which I like for her.

She cared for me since I was born.

On the last day of her life she was lying in an ambulance in front of our home. I was not able to see her because I have a very weak heart.

I have not seen her on the last day of her life. If I had seen her then maybe I was not alive.

I am very weak person. Maybe I am losing my younger age.

I pray to Allah to have sympathy with my sister and make her grave a place of Jannah.

We lost a very nice member of our family that we will not forget till the last breath of our life.

Good bye sister and we will miss you all in our remaining life.

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