How To Maintain The Habit Of Cleaning Your Area

By almighty Allah will, today the weather is very nice. Alhumdullilah.

I just finished my maghrib prayer and had time to write a post.

Humans are animals that tend to make any change they want. If a human becomes nice then no other creature can compete with it and on the other hand if a human becomes disturbed then only Allah can stop him.

I mean humans are not angels that they can perform their duties always in the right manner. They just try and Allah helps them in achieving all their needs.

To make your area clean, you can follow the below steps:-

  • You can prevent diseases if you make your area clean.
  • If any foreign person comes to your area then he doesn’t get a bad impression about your area.
  • Always try to clean for the purpose that it is the sunnah of our prophet Muhammad PBUH.
  • In Islam, all Muslims are brothers to each other. So always make a brotherly environment meaning that don’t overwhelm other Muslims.
  • If you clean your area then your kids will also be inspired by your decent work behaviour.

Thanks for reading the post. Hope you come to my blog again.

Have a nice day.


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