Why to Choose Islamabad As a Living Place

Islamabad is the beautiful city of Pakistan. Islamabad was founded in 1960.

I came to Islamabad in 1990. At that time Islamabad was in development phase

At the beginning of Islamabad, there were very few facilities in the city. The parks were not developed and maintained.

But now all the facilities in Islamabad are available.

Some renowned facilities you get in Islamabad are:-


Islamabad has a big graveyard in H-11 sector. Whenever your family member dies you can bury them in this graveyard. It also has transport facilities by which you can put the dead body in the bus provided by the graveyard.


There are many public and private hospitals in Islamabad. The doctors in these hospitals are professional and well skilled in their field.


In every sector of Islamabad there are playgrounds. There are also walking tracks in these parks. You can bring your kids to the parks and have fun time with your kids.

Shopping areas:

There are markets in every sector of Islamabad. You can get everything from the markets. There are auto shops, grocery shops, fruit shops, hair cutting shops, Shoes shops, Garments shops and every type of shops.


Mosques or masjids are necessary for every Muslim. It’s Ramadan starting tomorrow and the majority of people will go to mosques for prayers. Islamabad has many beautiful masjids in every area.

Jinnah Park:

Jinnah Park is located in F-9 sector of Islamabad. It’s a very beautiful and big park in the city. There are many walking tracks in this park. There are also playgrounds for children.

Big Roads:

There are many big roads in Islamabad. Kashmir highway is the popular road of this city which has many lanes.

Metro Buses:

There is a metro bus service available in Islamabad by which you can travel to different areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It also has low cost tickets with premium facilities.


Islamabad has a new airport named Benazir Bhutto International Airport. You can also go to the airport by using the metro bus service.


CDA (Capital Development Authority) is managing Islamabad development. CDA is providing very good facilities to residential Islamabad by making Islamabad clean and beautiful.

There are many other facilities that include better security, gas, water and electricity facilities.

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