Twitter X or Meta Threads App – Which is better

I use social sites too much these days.

In Pakistan Twitter X is banned nowadays. But the Threads App works fine

The users of X are higher than the Threads App.

Threads app is simplistic in design and loads faster in mobile.

You will get a nice experience using the Threads app .

There is no fighting or misbehaving on the Threads app because of strict policies.

But in the case of Twitter X most people post politics posts.

Threads also allow politics posts but users of Threads apps are not so angry.

The reason why Twitter X is blocked in Pakistan is of the Politics war.

Twitter X has many nice features in it but the policies have changed and now people have more rights than before.

You should have an Instagram account to login to the Thread’s app. But in the case of Twitter X you only need an email or phone number to login to the app.

I used Twitter X before but now it is not available in my country

As you know Instagram does not allow you to post only text content so Meta Company launched the Threads app in which you have the ability to post textual and images content.

Threads app is newer than Twitter X and is built on modern design.

Twitter X has also changed its design but as it is blocked in Pakistan so I cannot enjoy it

The moral of this post is that if you live in Pakistan then use the Threads app and you are living abroad then Twitter X is a good choice.


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