How to sleep peacefully

It’s 11:40 pm here in Islamabad, Pakistan.

In this post I will discuss how I spent my day.

Tomorrow night I went to G-10 markaz, Islamabad.

I go with my brothers, we eat ice-cream (Feast).

Today we go to G-11 markaz.

I enjoy it very much

We eat chicken biryani and ice-cream.

When we reached home my mother also made rice.

The rice was so pure and tasty that I will remember it my whole life.

Then I go home and thank almighty Allah.

You know the place we spent most of our time is granted by Allah.

If you count Allah’s blessings in each nano seconds in a day then you cannot concentrate on your life.

A peaceful sleep is only if you recite the Quran, follow each step of Islam and don’t miss your prayers even at your death bed.

Thanks for coming to my blog

May Allah increase our ilm for the prosperity of the world.

Take care


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