What Is Sleep In Islam

It’s 8:34 am. Today is 11 June, 2024.

When a child is born and opens his eyes then he/she is in sleep.

We work all day just for the purpose of peaceful sleep.

Sleep is that we are disconnecting from the world for sometime and see our dreams of what we want in our life.

Dreams come to reality in our future life.

So to have nice dreams is how we spend our day. Do we want our future bright or we want darkness in our future life.

Some people spend their day time full of disturbance. It is according to their courage and mind power. On the other hand most people spend their day helping others. What do you think about which person sleeps with a peaceful mind?

Allah has made sleep time for the purpose of regaining our consciousness. Some people sleep all day. I mean some people have a peaceful mind most of the time. Other people are always going for more spirit in their lives.

In my point of view we have to sleep less and work more because we come to the world for work and not for taking rest all the time. There is enough time for us to sleep peacefully in our grave or after our death.

Moral of post: Always sleep when you are losing your consciousness.

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