How to come close to Allah

This post is related to Muslims.

Allah has created this universe. Allah sees everything we see plus those things that we are not able to see. Allah controls all living and non-living creatures. If you see this universe, you will note that it is very vast that is beyond our imagination. We are in control of our creator.

All animals are given life and they live their lives with the wish of Allah. They are bound to what they think. They cannot think beyond a limit. But human is given a life that they can think is extraordinary. They can think more than normal animals can think. You can see the human mind that has created so many things in the world. You can see aeroplanes and higher buildings that are touching clouds. But Allah has that much mind that has created this universe without any errors and faults.

We, humans, have created cars, industries, and a lot of other machinery. These type of machines affects the environment around us. I mean they populate our environment. Any type of thing humans can create has some type of error in it. But if you see any creature of Allah then you will notice it is without any errors. I mean see this beautiful space. There are billions of stars. The stars are moving from one location to another without disturbing our ecosystem. You know the sun is very big than the earth. But there are many planets that are very bigger than our sun. All planets are moving without any collision. Is this not magic going on? There is some force that created these planets and there is some type of authority who is managing space.

If you see trees and other plants then you will notice that they are not harming others. They are living their life and giving us pure air that is very helpful for our lives. There are many animals who are helpful to us. We eat some animals and we ride on some animals. See how beautiful our earth is. All creatures are living their lives and animals are helping each other. Some animals eat other animals also for this survival. Some animals fight with other creatures also. Human is also a creature that fights with others for their survival and for their dignity.

Some people are angry by nature and other people have soft feelings. Everyone has some type of emotion. If we fight with each other then there is no difference between animals and humans. Allah has set rules for living our lives. We face difficulties and we are given the patience to control our emotions. If we do not control ourselves in bad conditions then we harm our lives and others’ lives also. There is a time for our examination in our difficult times. If you make a patient and get good marks in the examination of difficult times then you are given a reward on the judgment day.

If we notice the rules of Islam then we see Salah is very important in our life. If we pray a Salah then we come closer to Allah. Allah says in Quran that if you come closer to me then I will become closer than you think. Allah is closer to everyone and sees everything. But Allah does not give favour to everyone. If you want to get closer to Allah then Allah will make your life easy and tension-free.

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