Benefits of praying Salah in the mosque

In Islam, Muslims pray 5 times in the mosque. Praying Salah in the mosque is not necessary. You can pray your Salah in your home as well. But I can tell you a quote from our prophet Muhammad PBUH. Muhammad PBUH said:-

If I not fear of Allah then I will burn homes of Muslims who pray their Salah in homes without any reason.

Muhammad PBUH

So this quote tells us how important is to pray for your Salah in the mosque. Nowadays there is a coronavirus. It is a deadly disease. Most people do not go to the mosque due to sickness or due to a busy schedule. It’s ok to pray your Salah at home also. At least you are praying for your Salah. In Islam, there is a quote that is:-

If you are not able to pray your Salah in the mosque then pray in your home. If you cannot pray your Salah in a standing mood then you can sit on the chair and pray. If you cannot sit on the chair then you can pray your Salah while in bed also.

Muhammad PBUH

In today’s post I will tell you some of the benefits of praying your Salah in the mosque:-

  1. You prepare yourself before going to the mosque. This will make your life organized. You regularly shave, you clean your teeth regularly, you change your clothes on time, and you take your bath regularly. I mean you get yourself clean all the time. If you pray your Salah in your home then you spend your time on a rough schedule and you do not do those tasks as I mentioned.
  2. If you pray your Salah in the mosque then you become punctual. You always pray for your Salah on time. Praying Salah on time is better than praying Salah late.
  3. It is good for health also. For example, you go to the mosque on foot/car/motorbike. If you go to the mosque by any means then your body will become healthy. You move your muscles while going to the mosque.
  4. There is a very peaceful environment in the mosque. Most people live in an environment where there is very noise and very tense. There are various types of tensions in homes/offices/shops or any other place. When you go to the mosque, you will get a peaceful environment that will make you feel good. You pray for your Salah peacefully in the mosque.
  5. If you pray your Salah individually then there is a chance that you forget what you are praying for. I mean you can do mistakes in your Salah if you pray your Salah in-home or alone. If you do your Salah in the mosque then there are very few chances that you forget your Salah.
  6. Praying Salah in the mosque will make you happy and you will not get bored during your Salah.
  7. If you go to the mosque then you will find a clean environment in the mosque. If you see a clean environment then you come to your place and do clean your living place as well.
  8. If you pray your Salah in the mosque behind your imam then you will learn self-discipline. The imam is directing your Salah and he is leading your Salah. You learn to follow your boss/manager/director/officer. You will learn to Surendar yourself in front of Allah. You learn that Allah is great and we all are their creatures and we all follow Allah’s path. We all are Muslims. You will feel that all Muslims are brothers to each other. We learn unity, discipline, and good manners while praying for Salah in the mosque.

The mosque is the home of Allah. In the past, we see that while in war, most people take shelter in the mosque. We all Muslims respect Mosque it is a holy place to worship and this is the home of all the Muslims in the world.

Thanks for reading. See ya 🙂

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