Reality of world

When I was born I don’t know anything. I feel that everything is happening automatically. I join my school life, it was a very nice environment in school. I did not feel anything wrong in my school life.

My college life goes well too and I thought it was also automatically done.

Now I am at my peak age. You know what I think now. I think that what I am thinking today is what people think at their school age.

If my brain I am having now is at my school age then I cannot study at school. Some children may leave their school because their brains cannot handle that environment.

Look I still don’t know how God makes the environment for everyone if their minds are different. People can control a limited number of people around them but how you can control a large number of people?

So this is the real magic of God. God makes an environment in which everyone lives.

But when I see the news on TV then my brain starts thinking again that some people are not getting their rights as other people are getting.

Why God does not give them rights if they are human too? I am not saying that I am king and other people are poor. I have also my own troubles. Maybe I cannot handle that pain the other people can handle.

Now my condition is that I am thinking that billions are spent on a daily basis to give me life. When I go outside of the home I am thinking that the 100% environment is under control.

Who is controlling that environment when I do not meet anyone? This is where my brain stops working.

Allah only gives a person the pain that he can handle. Thanks. Bye

One more thing, please God don’t give me that peace that I cannot handle in my future life. Only give me that peace that I can live independently also.

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