How to become well discipline human

Most people spent their days without any planning. If you look at the birds and other animals like cats then you will note one thing they always clean themselves. These animals do not sit in any bad place. They first clean their place and then sit. I mean their home is very clean. So we have to at least learn from animals how they are well disciplined.

We are humans who have more minds than animals. If animals love to live in clean places and also want to have their home clean then why not we become better than animals? For becoming a well-disciplined human you can follow these rules:-

  1. Don’t sleep too late at night. Try to wake up early in the morning. I know this is very challenging for someone who is used to sleeping very late. But you can at least try to sleep a little earlier than possible.
  2. Clean your teeth at least once a day. This will ensure your good health and also this will make you one step closer to well-disciplined humans.
  3. Clean your sleeping place before sleeping and after wakeup. This will make your sleep comfortable.
  4. Clean your room after you wake up. If anybody visits your room then he/she can see how much you like purity in life. If your room is not cleaned then it impacts your personality also.
  5. Do shave after every two/three days. It will shine on your face and you look fresh always.
  6. Do take bath most days. If you take bath regularly then you have saved from many skin diseases and your blood will regulate in your body most smoothly.
  7. Try to read the daily news from social networking sites like Facebook/Twitter/youtube. This will make your life more disciplined. You will know what is happening in the world and how you can improve yourself.
  8. Always keep water with you. If you go outside home then keep a bottle of water in your car or in your pocket. Water is necessary for your good life. Most of the time your throat becomes dry then you have to make sure that you have always water with you and you become independent also. Also, keep water near your sleeping place. This will also help you for comfortable sleep at night.
  9. If you want to become clean and well discipline then I suggest you have a company with good people. You will automatically become good and well-mannered with time.
  10. From my experience, I notice that a person who is religious in nature and who follows religion closely then he/she becomes good disciplined automatically.

If you become well-disciplined then you start loving yourself and also you start loving everyone around you. Your life will change dramatically and you will enjoy every minute of your life.

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