Where Will Technology in Next 5 Years

Its night time here.

I become free for sometime. I decided to write a post. Hope it will become helpful to you.

You are living in technology world. The world has been changed too much in recent years.

The robots and AI has changed the world.

The things we do in past are now controlled by the Artificial Intelligence.

The things which can be still improved in next 5 years are:-

Getting ideas

The things which are still missing in AI is to generate unique ideas. By this I mean how a person can become productive in small time. If he consumes knowledge all the day on the internet and become not active in taking steps then this is not useful. So there must be technique by which a user take action instantly.

Removing tiredness

Happily I am not tired. But in most of situation when you use internet you become so much tired. So there should be any mechanizm of leaving internet for sometime.

Taking care of your family

If all the family members tend to interact with internet then how do family system works. So users have to get little bit of discouragement from internet. And concentrate on their studies and move their future bright.

Using technology in right manner

Today I see news of blast taking place in our country. This news tend to get spread quickly. So news channels have to take action on which type of news they want to spread. If any user is interacting with the specific news then the news channel will show him relavent news. This process is already using but can be improved.

I think this is enough for today.

Please take your interest in studing what is happening in the technology world.

You can use the technology to improve your skills and generate decent amount of money from it.

Its the next income generating ideas that you can overcome.

Be consistent in technology learning.

It will change your life very fast.


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