What is the Difference Between MBR and GPT Partition

MBR and GPT are different types of partitions that are used to manage hard drives and SSD drives.

MBR Vs GPT Partition

Some important differences are:-

1. MBR stands for Master Boot Record. GPT stands for GUID Partition Table.

2. MBR is less secure than GPT

3. MBR is used for hard drives that have the size of up to 2 TB. GPT can also support hard drives above 2 TB.

4. The start up time of MBR Is slower than GPT.

5. Files are stored in one place in the MBR scheme while in the GPT scheme files are stored in different places. GPT reduces data damage because it restores corrupted files automatically.

6. MBR doesn’t support secure boot. GPT supports secure boot.

7. MBR has a legacy boot option in BIOS while GPT does not have a legacy boot option.

You cannot install Windows 11 in the MBR drive. So you have to first drive to the GPT Partition.

For converting between GPT and MBR watch the video below:

Converting MBR to GPT

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