How To Increase Knowledge In Your Field

Good evening.

It’s evening time here. The time is going near iftar. It’s the first Ramadan in our country.

In today’s topic I will explain to you how you can increase your knowledge in your niche.

First you have to get ideas about what type of skills you are weak about. Then you can decide how you can improve your knowledge in that field.

So follow these steps in improving knowledge in your field:-

Concentrate on topic

First you have to concentrate on the topics in your niche. By this I mean that I work solely on that topic and don’t worry about broad topics.

Narrow skills

Narrow down your skills. You have to learn the exact skillset you want in your life. First become a master in it then move to a little advanced level.

Start with small tasks

Pick any easy task in your skillset. Make practice in it. Keep an eye on how to do it well.

Connect with skillful people

You can follow the guru in your field on YouTube. Follow their techniques. Learn from their coaching classes.

Show your work

Make a Facebook page and upload the recent work you have done in your field. Also help newcomers in your Facebook friend lists or in your niche related groups.

Join WhatsApp channels and groups

While watching different types of stuff related to your field you will have a handful of resources in your hand. You may also get different WhatsApp channels and groups links of relevant people. Follow and join those WhatsApp channels and groups. You will get good knowledge in those WhatsApp links.

Make your own website

There are many platforms by which you can show your work for free. I mean you can make your projects and show it on that website.

I hope you can increase Your knowledge by following the steps I mentioned above.

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