How to make a tasteful tea

Before I go into the main topic, first I have to explain what is tea. Tea is composed of leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves are first dried and then processed.

Now I go into main topic of making a tasteful tea. This method is for making one cup of tea.

Step # 1: Boil half cup of water.

Step # 2: Add half tablespoon of sugar.

Step # 3: Add half tablespoon tea.

Step # 4: When water starts boiling then add half cup of milk.

Step # 5: Boil the mixed things (water, sugar, tea, milk) for 2 minutes and tea is ready.

If you become tired then you can take tea and your tiredness will go. If you want to wakeup late at night for some work then take one cup of tea and enjoy.

Please don’t drink tea at night because it will disturb your sleep and your brain becomes very much active and you cannot sleep at night.

Take tea during morning or in afternoon.

Moral of the post: If you want to have an active mind then take one cup of tea.

See ya 🙂

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