Top 10 human body secrets

Every human is born with some unique features. Some newborn babies are intelligent by nature and some babies are a little behind in intelligence. Every baby that is born has some type of characteristic. It is noted that each baby that is born has some type of relationship with his/her parents. But some babies may differ from their parents as well. Some kids start living in different societies then their interests change. Some kids live out of the country and their parents live in the domestic country. When their kids go outside the paternal country then they adapt to the environment of that country. So parents have to keep in touch with their kids. They have to make such an environment that their kids spend their holidays in their domestic country. I know that kids go to other countries for earning money or expanding their businesses or for their studies. But you have to give a lesson to your kids that they should at least visit their local homes once a year.

If you are one of the guys that live in a foreign country then you should remember your own religion. You have to follow your religion and spend your life with the rules of what your religion teaches you. Maybe you try to become moderate and don’t like old methods of living. But if you want to grow faster and earn your dignity and respect then your religion will help you grow faster.

Today I will tell you some of the secrets of the human body. Here are some of the secrets that I know:-

  1. Your nose size is equal to your thumb size.
  2. Your half-arm size is equal to your foot size.
  3. Your body temperature is 37°C. If your body temperature becomes 38°C then you have symptoms of fever.
  4. About 60% of the human body is composed of water.
  5. The sperm in the male body becomes full after 64 days.
  6. A newborn baby is kept in the female body for 280 days before delivery.
  7. If you have a headache then you can keep your feet in cold water. This will slow down your headache.
  8. If you are getting sneeze and want to stop it then press the middle area that is above your lips and below your nose.
  9. If you want to sleep well at night then listen to any of the Surahs of the Quran before sleeping.
  10. When you are buried in a grave then your nose will end up first.
  11. Your nose has more smell power than a dog nose.
  12. Your body will adapt to the exercise you do often. For example, if you do walk for 1 hour then your body becomes train to your walk and you not get tired.

Moral of the post: If you have a healthy body then do praise your God for giving you a life without any sickness.

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