Benefits of walk

Our body is made up of muscles.

Muscles help us move from one place to another.

All the organs in the human body are composed of muscles and blood.

The blood keeps up running through our body all the time.

If we tend to walk then our body becomes active and blood circulation becomes fast.

The blood is made up of water and red cells.

When we move our body then water is consumed more and blood becomes light.

The flow of blood through organs becomes high and ultimately our organs become strong.

Another benefit of doing a walk is that we can see different natural things outside our home. The eyes get more light after seeing greenery.

This brings us excitement in our body.

While walking for a short or longer distance our body gets stronger and it adopts to do more work.

If we sit in our home or office for a longer time then our body muscles become weak. To overcome this issue we have to exercise daily.

You know that athletics (sports men) always do exercise and as a result their body becomes stronger and active.

So we have to make free time to walk.

It is also seen that the person who does regular walks can increase his age and remove stress and tension.

So if you want to live a longer and healthier life then make a habit of  walking daily.

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