How to memorize a moment

In our daily life we often visit a new place and want to memorize a moment for a lifetime.

So in this post I give tips by which you can memorize the important moments in your life.

The first step is that you should have a smart phone with yourself. And also you have Google keep app on your smart phone. You can get this app free from the Google app store. So to memorize the moment is that you have to sit in a peaceful place and write the important moments you get in that day. Also attach a picture in that note in the Google keep app.

The second step is that you can capture a short video of the moment you want to remember and store it to any cloud based storage like Google Photos, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive.

You can view your Google keep app notes anytime in your life.

Hope this helps you in memorising your important moments and I also tell you how to save your memory event.

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