How to Pray on Time

We come to this earth by the will of Allah. We are given many blessings by Allah to us. For example, see the use of eyes. By eyes, we can see this beautiful earth.

Suppose you cannot see anything then how will you feel? Similarly, your ears play an important role in your life. Your tongue gives you pleasure of taste of what you eat.

Many other things are given by Allah to us. So why do we not thank Allah for all these blessings?

We work hard to achieve our daily goals like passing an exam or completing our studies. These goals are temporary and they will not go with us when we die.

Islam tells us that if you want to connect with Allah then pray 5 times a day. The namaz is the connection of us with Allah. If we pray namaz then we can feel peace in our mind. Think that you are standing in front of the creator of all things around you.

To get peace in namaz, you have to think that it’s my last prayer in life. In this way, you can concentrate on your salah.

There are many ways to pray 5 times a day. Some steps you can take are:-

  1. Schedule all your tasks after salah.
  2. If you are using a computer most of the time then install an extension in Chrome named “Prayer Times Chrome Extension
  3. If you are using a mobile or tablet then you can search for the app in your Play Store that gives you alarm in namaz time.
  4. Note that all things you do in this world will vanish when you die. The only things that will last are the good deeds you do.
  5. Remember that when you start praying your salah then you start omitting bad deeds.
  6. Your productivity will increase when you start praying for your salah.
  7. You will keep yourself clean all the time when you are consistent in prayer.
  8. Your health will also remain stable if you are persistent in your salah timings.
  9. You will feel calm in your body and avoid depression if you pray 5 times a day.
  10. You will have a peaceful ending in your life.

I hope you start praying your salah on time to get the benefits of it and change your life.

See you in the next post.

Take care. Bye

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