How to Grow Your Facebook Group

Facebook group is a community on Facebook where people can create posts and make comments.

You can make new friends in the group.

In this post I will explain to you how you can grow your Facebook group.

The first step is to make friends on Facebook. Then you invite friends to the Facebook group. There is the option of inviting your friends to the group.

Attach your group to the Facebook page. For this your page must be admin of that group.

Watch the video below to attach your Facebook group to Facebook page

Add a link to your Facebook group on your website. By doing this your website visitors will also join your group.

If you have a YouTube channel then you can add your group link to your YouTube profile.

Also send a Facebook group link to your WhatsApp contacts and ask them to join.

Add the badge feature to your group so that members get motivation to post in your group. By using badge feature members of your group will get different badges like Top contributor badge, group moderator badge, group ambassador badge etc.

Post informational posts in the group that will help your members.

Also check your group daily and remove spam posts and copyright posts. Note that if you do not remove spamming in your Facebook group then the Facebook team will have the right to remove your group.

Welcome your new members in the group and encourage them to create good and informative posts in the group.

Also ask your friends and members of the group to invite their friends in the group.

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