Best Apps You Can Use In Ramadan

If you want to spend your time in good way in Ramadan then I sugget you to use these apps:-

Holy Quran

Holy Quran app is created by “FanzeTech”. It has bookmarks where you can save your bookmarks of surah’s or ayat’s. It has nice animation when you swap from one page to anotther. The font’s are also very well displayed and you can easily read it and it will not affect your eyes. You can also change fonts and also apply dark theme if you want.

Some screenshots of Holy Quran app are below:-

Quran Majeed

Quran Majeed app is created by created by “Pakdata”. This app has many features. Some features of this app are:-

  • Tasbeeh
  • Qiblah Direction
  • Prayer Times
  • Visual Quran
  • Dua
  • Allah Names
  • Choose from different Reciters
  • Translation in different languages
  • Tafsirs
  • And many others

Some screenshots of Quran Majeed app are below:-

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