What is Computer Programming

Definition of Programming

A computer program is a code that is used to solve a problem. So computer programming is a type of coding practice meant for performing computer tasks and solving a users daily problem or issues.

The purpose of programming is to have easiness in our life.

I can explain to you with an example.

Suppose we want to set an alarm for walking up early in the morning. To do this task we can write a small program (code). The purpose of this program is to alert us in the morning.

The program can be coded in different languages. Like we speak different languages. Similarly computers can understand different languages.

There are two main categories of computer languages.

  • High level languages
  • Low level languages

Like we have some international languages and thousands of domestic languages.

Similarly computer international language is in binary form i.e. 0’s and 1’s.

Computers can understand all languages but first they need to convert to binary form and then it can perform as they need.

The first computer program was written in 1843 by Ada Lovelace. The purpose of this program is to solve the Bernoulli mathematics problem.

The evolution of computer programming is changing very fast. Now with the advent of most powerful computers the tasks which took hours to complete now take just few milliseconds.

All the fields surrounding us are now controlled by the programming of computers.

Hope this article helps you in understanding the basics of computer programming.


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