How was my morning – 14 march 2019

I wake up due to pressure on my stomach. Last night I pray very hard to God. Maybe that is the reason I wake up early in the morning.

My day today
My day today

It was only 8 minutes left for tahujud namaz. In my email, I get an Islamic video that makes me pray tahajud in the last 3 minutes.

Then I pray fajr and go down a portion of my home. It was an early morning to go outside to see the sky. The sky was full of clouds that make my mind go mad. I sit on the chair and start staring at the clouds.

Then I go for a walk. I was feeling very hungry. As it was very early morning so I cannot go to norani hotel. I go to Quetta hotel for breakfast. I enjoy it very much there.

After taking breakfast in the hotel I go outside the hotel and woooh there were still clouds giving very nice mahool. So I go to little walk to G-10/2. Oh my god, how do people sustain the beauty of G-10/2?

Then while returning home I see a little cutie goat baby. And also in the play park, I see hens and white big hens. Woooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye 🙂

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