What is Javascript used for in web development

What is Javascript:

Javascript is a programming language that is both used on client-side and server-side websites. New implementations of javascript are in the node server-side interface. Node.js is used as a backend engine for websites. Node.js is also used in different machines like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Unix. Node.js is used to compile, execute and debug different type of javascript codes.

Uses of Javascript in web development

Javascript is used in making almost every website. Javascript interacts with the HTML and CSS of the website. Javascript can interact directly with the dom of the website.

You can change the look and feel of the website. It can help to validate the different type of input forms like the contact us form. If you consider Google analytics, Google maps, JQuery then you know that Javascript is very essential for building websites.

There are many Javascript libraries available e.g. JQuery, D3.js, React, Angular etc.

With D3.js, you can make simple and complex animations on any page of the website. Javascript can also make a dynamic change in the data by using ajax technology.

Client-side javascript can do validation of input fields without reloading the website. Client-side javascript even don’t need to send data to the server-side.

Hackers can also hack your website by injecting different javascript codes. You can use the Chrome console tool for debugging your javascript code. You can also inject javascript code on the website through the browser console for testing or for doing hacking of the website.

Javascript can also be disabled by the user through browsers.

Javascript is a light-weight, dynamic and object-oriented language. You can handle different dates and time using Javascript. You can also generate HTML code using Javascript.

Detection of browser and OS (operating system) can also be done with Javascript.

It is platform-independent and it can also fully control the website.

Examples of websites using Javascript:

Here are some of the websites which use Javascript:-

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Youtube
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo

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