How to say sorry in Islam

The life of the prophets gives us a lesson to us. All the prophets in Islam have one thing in common i.e. they have patience and they always try to forgive people around them.

We face many problems during the day. Sometimes we are in a situation where we are close to a fight but if one of us forgives then the fight gets close. You have seen that many fights start when any person does not say sorry.

Be Kind - Quran Verse
Be Kind – Quran

Suppose you are travelling in a car and any car comes in front of you and your road is blocked. Now there is one option you give way to another person or the other person gives way to your car. But if both of you do not give way to anyone then the situation may become worse and maybe a fight can start. If you start to give way then you are stopping the fight and you are showing that you are a well-manned man. And there will no fight starts and both you and the other person become safe and their families also become safe.

For saying sorry to someone, first, you can explain the story that what happened and how you behave and tell that you were wrong and you are sorry for what happened.

Sometimes in our homes, we may get angry with our brothers/sisters or other family members. This may give us unpleasant feelings and if we continue to hate our brother/sister then it creates a problem for ourselves and our family may get into a problem. Our prophet Muhammad PBUH said:-

It is not allowed for a Muslim to not meet his brother for more than 3 nights.

Muhammad PBUH

Meaning we as Muslims should love our brothers and sisters and don’t get angry with one another. We have to invite our brothers and sisters to our homes. And if we live in a common home then we only share happiness and don’t fight with each other. If there comes a time of fight then one of us has to start to apologize first.

Sometimes we feel that if we say sorry to someone then our respect may be lost. But this is not the case. If you start saying sorry first then you are showing that you are a great person and you are fear of Allah and you respect your Muslim brother/sister.

You know wars start because of some small quarrels that occur in history and that fight continues in the future too. The wars may kill hundreds or thousands of people. So is it not good that one party apologize and the fight not starts?

Moral of the post: Try to always be kind to others.

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