How to become sad

Human is a kind of creature that needs both happiness and sadness. Sometimes we see that we are spending our time without any difficulties. Some people have not seen sadness for a long period of time. They become so used to happiness that they don’t know how sad people spend their time.

So in this post, I will tell you how you can become sad for some time. The first step to becoming sad is that you start listening to sad songs. Maybe you are not used to liking sad songs. That’s ok.

The second step to becoming sad is to use any social networking sites and start posting sad posts. This will give a good impact on you. You will start noticing that you are becoming sad.

The third step to sadness is you start skipping one meal. For example, I do not have breakfast. So you can also skip your one meal. If you already not do your breakfast then you can start eating lunch a little late. For example, you start eating your lunch after 2 hours of the normal routine.

If you are already sad and want to become sadder then there is also a way. You start ignoring people around you. Note that this is a very serious step. And you have to be extremely careful about this. Only ignore one person, that will give you so much sadness that you will not handle it.

Moral of the post: Sadness is a kind of feeling that most people are facing. If you want to also become sad then listen to sad songs, skip one meal, and start ignoring one person. Hope it helps you.

Thanks. see ya 🙂

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