How to spend time

You wake up every day and spend your day with no plan. Maybe you are one of those who manage time by timetable. But I can say that if you follow a written timetable then you may get bored. You are not a machine that follows a written timetable.

You just have to make a dream timetable for your life. You have to manage time to write down your ambitions on paper.

After writing your plans then you just have to do the things you are interested in. This is the formula for spending time as you plan.

If you are an office guy then just remember important things like taking bath every morning. Cleaning teeth at night. Do use perfume before leaving home. Changing socks every second day. Clean your room before leaving for the office. Reciting Quran for at least 10 minutes every day at any time.

This is how you manage your time. Make a mission in your life to have a clean and soft in your life.

See ya.

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