Top 14 Apps for Starting Your Blogging Career

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If you want to start your blogging career then I suggest you install the following apps on your android phone. If you are an iPhone user then probably these apps are available in the Apple app store as well.

Jetpack app

The Jetpack app is created by the wordpress team. You can install the jetpack plugin on your wordpress website and then you can manage your wordpress websites in this app. You can check website stats, post articles, read comments in this app

Linkedin app

On linkedin you can share your articles. You can also write articles on this website using this app.

Wix Owner App

You can manage your wix website using this app. Wix Is another blogging platform.

Microsoft To Do App

In this app you can list down your daily tasks and make them checked if you have completed the tasks.

Trello App

Trello is another task managing app that you can help you in organising your daily blogging tasks.

Feedly App

Feedly is an RSS reading app. You can add your favourite blogs in this app and read different blogs newsfeed on a daily or weekly basis.

Pocket App

This app is used to add website blog links and it stores the blog content. You can read blogs that you add in this app. You can also listen to the articles that you have added. You can also add tags to the articles for better organising the articles.

Medium App

Medium is another famous blogging app that you can install on your phone or tablet. You can manage your account in this app and also read medium website articles in this app

Google Analytics App

You can track your website visitors by using this app. It has many features like event tracking, realtime visitors stats, viewing visitors locations, devices they are using and other features as well.

Tumblr App

Tumblr is a renowned blogging platform. You can manage your tumblr account using this app.

Udemy App

If you want to improve your blogging and SEO skills then Udemy is the best platform for learning. You can join courses in this app and polish your blogging skills.

YouTube App

By using the YouTube App you can get different ideas about blogging. There are many YouTubers that give free guidance in running and managing your blog.

Reddit App

Reddit is an app by where you can read different posts related to your blogging niche. You can get different ideas from this app.

Quora App

Just like Reddit, Quora is another app in which you can search for different questions related to your blogging niche. You can also ask questions and give answers to other quora users.

Hope you find this post helpful in starting your blog.

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