How to Get Post Ideas on Facebook

I have been using Facebook for a decade.

In this article I can help you find ideas about what to post on Facebook.

You will also get higher reach on your post after following the steps.

1. Create a Pinterest account and download your niche related images. Then post on Facebook. Also attach relevant tags in that post.

2. Join Facebook groups that are according to your interest. Copy the post that is getting more likes and paste in another group or on your profile or page.

3. Start your post with Eye Cathing words and use emojis in your posts.

4. Don’t use too much content in your post. Write to the point post.

5. Share your posts in different groups.

6. Upload your videos on Facebook with tags. Don’t use copyright content.

7. By adding videos use your original voice. Don’t use songs in your videos. If you know the song is not copyright then use it.

8. Use Facebook suggested music in your videos.

9. Create posts in reels in Facebook as well. This will keep your friends and fans to take interest in you.

10. Post between 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, most users use Facebook at this time.

11. Remember to use @eveyone in the first comment in your Facebook group post.

12. Use Facebook post templates while creating posts on Facebook.

13. Use eye catchy images in your posts.

14. Comment on other users posts. By doing this other users also comment on your posts.

15. Create multiple Facebook pages and share your posts on those pages as well.

If you follow the above steps then you will get more engagement on your posts.

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