Tablet PC or Smartphone – Which is better

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Anyways let’s start our today topic.

In this article I tell you whether you can choose Tablet PC or Smartphone for your work.

For blogging:

If you are a blogger then I suggest you to use a smartphone because typing on a smartphone is faster than a tablet PC.

For watching videos:

If you watch videos most of the time then tablet PC is a better choice because you can read text easily while using a larger screen.

For reading books:

It’s good to use a tablet PC for reading books. Reading pdf books on a tablet PC gives you more screen size as compared to smartphone or mobile.

For reading articles:

You can use both tablet PC and smartphone for reading articles.

Using social media apps:

Using social media apps is more entertaining if you use them on your phone because smartphones are light weight and also you can use your smartphone while sitting or lying in bed.

For taking images and recording videos:

If you are a video blogger or you capture photos and videos then I suggest you to use a smartphone because it is easy to take images with a smartphone. The camera quality in smartphones is higher than tablet PCs.

For video chat:

You can use both smartphone and tablet for video chat but for better camera quality you can use smartphones.

Recording audio:

For recording audio it’s better to use a smartphone because it is easy to carry a smartphone while walking or sitting on a chair.

I have both a smartphone and a tablet PC but I prefer to use a smartphone most of the time.



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