How to be Consistent in Doing Good Deeds in Islam

As we are human so we make mistakes often. We stay motivated one day and then stop working after some days.

It’s human sycollogy that changes its flavour often.

So I arranged some steps by which you can do good deeds consistently.

Follow these steps:-

1. Remember how bad habits have impacted your life.

2. Have you forgotten your creator.

3. Are you mature to do bad deeds often.

4. Is your life helping someone towards positivity.

5. Can you show someone as an example of a better Muslim.

6. Have you recited the Quran today.

7. Have you missed any prayer.

If you remember these things often and do it then you become better than before.

It’s very difficult for someone to be consistent in doing any type of task. But it’s a natural phenomena. Don’t panic. Try to be happy and forget everything. Start with a fresh mind and don’t lose your current time.


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