Solution of depression

Depressed man
Depressed man

In today life everyone has some type of depression in them. Some people have money problem and some other people have some type of diseases. I am also one of those who feel depressed most of time. But I sometimes overcome my depressed mood by following some steps as below:-

  1. When I feel depressed I become more religious like I am Muslim so I recite Quran
  2. I also listen to music
  3. When I become angry I try to sleep
  4. I also go for walk when I get bored
  5. I have always bottle of water in my room and I keep drinking water all the day
  6. I keep in touch with my favorite personalities on the internet
  7. I take bath most of time
  8. I pray most of prayers
  9. I sleep on time

Hope you can also follows these steps to overcome your depression.

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