What is human spirit

It’s midnight here in Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Today’s topic is a little bit different than the website background but I try to explain as quickly as possible.

When you are born the spirit is created by nature. Nature is what God created himself.

Now you may be thinking why the spirit arises to a specific point of time.

The answer is that your body keeps growing as you think but spirit reaches its original state as we keep growing.

The human body is just a shape of culture that we exhibit from our surroundings.

The people tend to shape our environment which is necessary for our growth. The more we interact with our environment the more we grow quickly.

You may have seen the brilliant minds that are changing the world. These minds are not gifted by nature but made into existence by God.

The God itself is very big which means he can make everything possible but he does not do the things by itself. It’s not the level of him to make things go.

He puts his spirit into all the creatures and the creatures are dependent on him.

No one can even think to cross his limit but to a specific point of time.

If you want to reach that point of time then you have to study the enormous minds that are already gifted.

The minds of all the living and non living creatures are what nature has all about.

So you have to study how the world is growing so fast.

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