Salman khan is my favourite

Today I was listening to different songs. Then I see one video song that moved me to listen to Salman Khan songs.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Now the magic comes. When I listen to Salman Khan song I redirected to think about God.

I stopped the song and start praying. I start listening to Islamic videos. He is a man of inspiration for so many people. He is a true Muslim.

I watched many movies of Salman Khan and his all movies so nice. He is a man of heart.

My evening – 14 march 2019

Today when I just finished my asar prayer, my brother comes home from the office. He ask me to go outside. I agree to go outside.

Islamabad dinner
Heleem ghar

We planned to go to any hotel for dinner. While travelling to the hotel I see so much charming on roads. I think the metro bus will be soon completed in our area.

Metro bus is the beauty of our city and its environment is an elite level.

So we go to the hotel. And now I am full of food in my body so I cannot embrace haleem ghar. Their staff is very nice and cooperative. And the food is also very tasteful.

I will go to other hotels also and I will share my story here.

In haleem ghar we eat following:-

  • Chicken haleem (Rs. 150)
  • Beef tika sekh kabab karai (half) (Rs. 450)
  • I eat 2.5 naan
  • 1.5 liter sprite bottle
  • Salad
  • Raita

How was my morning – 14 march 2019

I wake up due to pressure on my stomach. Last night I pray very hard to God. Maybe that is the reason I wake up early in the morning.

My day today
My day today

It was only 8 minutes left for tahujud namaz. In my email, I get an Islamic video that makes me pray tahajud in last 3 minutes.

Then I pray fajar and go down a portion of my home. It was an early morning to go outside to see the sky. The sky was full of clouds that make my mind go mad. I sit on the chair and start staring at the clouds.

Then I go to walk. I was feeling very hungry. As it was very early morning so I cannot go to norani hotel. I go to Quetta hotel for breakfast. I enjoy very much there.

After taking breakfast in hotel I go outside hotel and woooh there were still clouds giving very nice mahool. So I go to little walk to G-10/2. Oh my god how people sustain the beauty of G-10/2.

Then while returning to home I see little cutie goat baby. And also in play park I see hens and white big hens. Woooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye 🙂

Reality of world

When I was born I don’t know anything. I feel that everything is happening automatically. I join my school life, it was a very nice environment in school. I did not feel anything wrong in my school life.

My college life goes well too and I thought it was also automatically done.

Now I am at my peak age. You know what I think now. I think that what I am thinking today is what people think in their school age.

If my brain I am having now is at my school age then I cannot study at the school. Some children may leave their school because of their brain cannot handle that environment.

Look I still don’t know how God makes the environment for everyone if their minds are different. People can control a limited number of people around them but how you can control a large number of people.

So this is the real magic of God. God makes an environment for everyone to live.

But when I see the news on TV then my brain start thinking again that some people are not getting their rights as other people are getting.

Why God does not give them rights if they are human too. I am not saying that I am king and other people are poor. I have also my own troubles. Maybe I cannot handle that pain the other people can handle.

Now my condition is that I am thinking that billions are spending on a daily basis to give me life. When I go outside home I am thinking that 100% environment is under control.

Who is controlling that environment when I do not meet anyone. This is where my brain stops working.

Allah only gives a person that pain that he can handle. Thanks. Bye

One more thing, please God don’t give that peace that I cannot handle in my future life. Only give me that peace that I can live independently also.

Benefits of living a spiritual life

We are born with nothing in our hand. When you are in growing stage, you start enjoying everything around you. sometimes we face some irritating behavior around us that makes us disturbing.  But life goes on and we get interested in our path. But life is not a straight path that we think. It is full of excitement and flaws. We try to move in one direction but our surrounding environment is what we have lived our life.

Everyone has some type of goal and achievement in his life that makes him keep moving. Now you may be thinking what is spiritual life and how people live it. if your all goals are completed and you are now connected to the creator of this universe and you become very sensitive in taking any action then you are in the spiritual world.

Being spiritual does not mean that your ambitions are finished (if so you are dead), you keep discovering new things in the world until your last breath.

So the moral of this story is that if you do all your action by the will of your creator you feel happy. If you go against any unusual thing then you get pain that you cannot handle it and later get into trouble.

Benefits of cleaning teeth

To enjoy healthy life our teeth plays an important role. We have to communicate in daily life and meet new people. When you meet someone then your first impression should be nice. If you do not wash your teeth then the smell of your teeth will be felt by another person which impacts badly.

Benefits of cleaning teeth
Benefits of cleaning teeth

Today I will give you some benefits of cleaning teeth.

  1. You can save money by not going to doctor for teeth checkup.
  2. It is the very painful treatment of teeth while doctor treats your teeth so to prevent it you have to wash your teeth daily.
  3. If you are a religious person and pray in the mosque then you have to stand with other prayers and if your teeth are cleaned then it is nice to others also.
  4. Praying Namaaz with clean teeth is 70 times more beneficial than without cleaning teeth.
  5. You can prevent some diseases like heart attack, lungs infection, kidney problem, and cancer.
  6. When eating fruits or other food your teeth play an important role. If your teeth are not cleaned then different germs will make blood to come out of your teeth and it will go into the body making it unhealthy.
  7. A person without mature teeth cannot taste and enjoy food and have much trouble in eating.

So my advice is to wash your teeth two times in a day to live a healthy life.

Is tattoos allowed in Islam

In modern life, most of the people are getting tattoos on their skin. It is becoming a fashion and some people want to keep in touch with the upcoming trends. In Muslim countries young generation is also keeping interest in this type of fashion. We often see kids having tattoos on their skin. In today life both girls and boys are making tattoos on their skin.

There are two types of tattoos.

  1. Permanent tattoo
  2. Removable tattoo

Making permanent tattoo involves pain in the skin and is not allowed. The removable tattoo is allowed because it can be washed before wudu. Making pictures with a tattoo is not allowed.

It is also assumed that tattoo is an overlay on our body and it is disturbing natural skin which is not good. So in my opinion, making a tattoo is not good for both men and women.

How to concentrate in namaz

Namaz concentration
Namaz concentration

Most of Muslims when pray they start thinking of other things and don’t concentrate in their namaz (Salah). In this post I will tell you some tips by which you can concentrate in your namaz and benefits from it.

  1. Protect your eyes from seeing bad things like we see bad songs, movies etc
  2. Learn meaning of words used in namaz
  3. Listen to islamic lectures whenever you have time
  4. Don’t hurt anyone with your words and behavior and be nice to others
  5. Clean teeth daily or once in a week
  6. Recite Quran in free time

If you follow these 6 steps you will get attention in your namaz and you will peace in mind.

Solution of depression

Depressed man
Depressed man

In today life everyone has some type of depression in them. Some people have money problem and some other people have some type of diseases. I am also one of those who feel depressed most of time. But I sometimes overcome my depressed mood by following some steps as below:-

  1. When I feel depressed I become more religious like I am Muslim so I recite Quran
  2. I also listen to music
  3. When I become angry I try to sleep
  4. I also go for walk when I get bored
  5. I have always bottle of water in my room and I keep drinking water all the day
  6. I keep in touch with my favorite personalities on the internet
  7. I take bath most of time
  8. I pray most of prayers
  9. I sleep on time

Hope you can also follows these steps to overcome your depression.

My daily routine

My daily routine
My daily routine

I wake up at 10:00 Am and then usually go for walk. But today I not go for walk because it is very hot here in Islamabad, Pakistan. Then I take breakfast and turn on my PC. I then use social sites like YouTube, Facebook. Then at 1:30 pm I pray Nimaaz and I usually pray all Nimaaz except morning prayer.

At evening time I go outside home with my brother on car. We eat some things like chips, juice, biscuits, burgers etc.

Then I use, twitter and Instagram.

I usually keep reciting Quran all the day when I become free. I most of time recite Surah Mulk.

Then before sleeping I read last ten surah of Quran and then sleep.

I am enjoying life very much these days. Hope all goes well in future too.