My evening – 14 march 2019

Today when I just finished my asar prayer, my brother comes home from the office. He ask me to go outside. I agree to go outside.

Islamabad dinner
Heleem ghar

We planned to go to any hotel for dinner. While travelling to the hotel I see so much charming on roads. I think the metro bus will be soon completed in our area.

Metro bus is the beauty of our city and its environment is an elite level.

So we go to the hotel. And now I am full of food in my body so I cannot embrace haleem ghar. Their staff is very nice and cooperative. And the food is also very tasteful.

I will go to other hotels also and I will share my story here.

In haleem ghar we eat following:-

  • Chicken haleem (Rs. 150)
  • Beef tika sekh kabab karai (half) (Rs. 450)
  • I eat 2.5 naan
  • 1.5 liter sprite bottle
  • Salad
  • Raita

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