How to become happy

Everyone wants happiness in their lives. It does not matter whether you are rich or poor, you will feel trouble somehow. Becoming happy is attained through some practice.

We spend our day with our own wishes. We don’t know what will happen in our future life. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. And you have to confirm that your past had gone and it will not come back. You have to think about a bright part of life.

You can change your future by just concentrating on the stuff you are interested in. Suppose that you want to become a painter then the first step will be that you understand nature. You have to go to different places where you get inspiration from paintings. You have learned the basics of how to make a sketch.

Your learning will never stop if you keep your life simple. You will get interesting knowledge that will make your life happy. If you live your life by following people’s rules and copying other people then you will one day become sad. You have to discover yourself. Discovering yourself means you have to do the things you like.

There are two paths a human can choose. One path is that which is wrong and another path is that which is right. You may get your interest on the wrong path. But you have spent your time in such a way that you will only choose the right path. By right path I mean which will not make your health damage.

I give you an example. Look if you like those types of people who are living religious life then you have to study the things which those people follow. If you like other types of people who are entertainers then you choose the things they love.

Every human has its own nature i.e. some people are good at entertaining people and some people are good at writing, cooking, and driving. The things you want to become good at are that you start doing it. Doing practice in every type of thing will make you good at it.

Suppose I want to walk for 1 hour daily. Making 1 hour walk a habit is not easy. You have to make practice it. You have to allocate time for it. And your health will also be good for this walk. For the first week, you may get trouble doing 1-hour walk daily. But after going to walk consistently you will learn that doing the walk is making you happy. After 1 month you will wait for the walk time.

I will discuss the benefits of walk-in in any other post. But I want to say that you have to do positive things that will not harm others and that is good for you as well. Always do the things that will make your life happy/busy and which will make other people’s life easy as well.

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